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All interfaces follow a few common principles:

  • Information is only added to the XML files when processed by the tools. E.g. a Test Executor will read the Test Suite XML file, add things like test verdicts, log files, and totals to the XML file and save it as a Test Result file. This gives the reporting tool easy access to all information of the Test Suite. Note that this is about information and although that is in most cases the same thing as the XML structure (because that is already a logical structure), the XML structure is sometimes a bit changed. E.g. the main TestGroup of a TestSuite XML file is placed as child under the TestRun element in the TestResult XML file.
  • Extra tags and attributes can be added as well, just as long as already defined elements are not used with a different structure. This and the previous bullet also means that unspecified information must be copied to the output XML file of a Tool.
Also read comments for the latest changes. If you feel elements or attributes are missing, leave a comment and we'll see if we can add them. We also add comments for missing elements or attributes, so you know what will be added in the next release.

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